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Darina Maleeva-Tzvetanova

Partner IDEAs Bulgaria.
The Hubbard Management System and IDEAS gave me the tools that I needed to better improve and control my work. I stand before you today strongly convinced in two things- there is no problem I cannot handle and the Management Technology really works (first-hand information).

Monique De Clerck

Partner IDEAs Bulgaria.

Due to the exceptional Administrative Technology, IDEAS is providing expansion, freedom and happiness to company owners, managers and workers. To work with the IDEAS’team and its boss, my husband, is a pleasure and an honor. I love to help to contribute to a better environment and happier people! IDEAS gives me the opportunity to achieve it!

Marjan Ilievski

Partner IDEAs Macedonia
I support the goals of Ideas which are more sane business environment and help business people to grow and free themselves from daily activities. The technology that IDEAS uses is functional, easy to apply and gives results.

consulting training companyNevena Topalova

Partner IDEAS Bulgaria
My work is to help you with information so we could improve and change for good the business environment together. This happens thanks to exceptionally precise technology created by Mr. LR Hubbard, which provides a solution to every problem, in business and personally.


Sergio Mazarakis

CEO & Founder Business Coaching Lab
Associate Partner Trainer IDEAS FreeBoss Intl
I really enjoy working with IDEAS and Marc de Turck. We have organized many seminars in Greece with Marc de Turck with great success and Greek people really love him! Marc has a unique way of delivering seminars and workshops, communicating valuable data in order to help business owners expand their activities. He is a great guy, friend, coach and associate and he is really passionate about what he is doing.

Hristiana Sharlopova

Professional Language Trainer-Translator-Interpreter
Associate Partner IDEAS FreeBoss Intl.

Krasimir Savov

Senior Trainer
Associate Partner IDEAS FreeBoss Intl.

Hristiana Illieva

Marketing Professional
Associate Partner IDEAS FreeBoss Intl.

Thola Dludla

Executive Director IDEAS South Africa North
Associate Partner IDEAS FreeBoss Intl.

Performia is an International company, with offices in 20 countries and many more in the pipeline. Mr. Marten Runow has worked in the field of hiring for over 20 years, specializing in the use of testing for the purpose of hiring and increasing productivity in a company. We use Personality analysis and Performance Checking frequently, but also many other tests such as Leadership index, IQ test, etc, in order to find the best candidates to help our clients hire productive people who will be assets to the company.
The HCA has as a mission to help you have a rewarding and satisfying career you don’t want to end. A career that remains as fresh and exciting as the moment you made the decision that that’s what you want to do with your life. We want you to be able to look back on your life knowing you’ve achieved your goals, fulfilled your purpose, received your rewards, and had a great time doing it. Whether you’re choosing a career fresh out of high school and would like an Associate Degree or you want to realize the passion you’d hoped for in your career through one of our continuing education Certificate Programs, we can help you make your dreams a reality.


Business forward is a leading management training and consulting company and has offices all over Russia.

IDEAS is a partner of NIK academy, delivering solutions to farmers.
IDEAS is a sponsor of New Generation Families, caring about the future of families by delivering training, consulting, personal coaching, and ad-hoc help.